Choosing an Arrangement:
Difficult Arrangements: These selections would be good for players with advanced skills.

  • TF-102 Hornpipe – there is what amounts to a guitar solo in the second half of this piece.
  • TF-105 Nutcracker suite
  • TF-103 Mysterious Barricades
  • TF-111 Anitra’s Dance
  • TF-113 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  • Arrangements that work well at fast tempos. Another way to make the music more challenging.

  • TF-102 Hornpipe
  • TF-104 Bach – Sleepers Awake and Jesu, Joy
  • TF-105 Waltz of the Flowers
  • TF-107 Mouret Rondeau
  • TF-110 Corelli
  • TF-111-Anitra’s Dance
  • TF-116 Messiah Fugue
  • Easier Arrangements. Keep in mind that there is a minimum level of reading and guitar skills necessary to play any of the Tule Fog arrangements.

  • TF-101 Pachelbel Canon
  • TF107 Mouret Rondeau
  • TF-108 Vivaldi Largos
  • TF-112 Carol of the Bells
  • Stylized Arrangements. These pieces lean more towards the “arrangement” approach than the stricter “transcription” style.

  • TF-103 Mysterious Barricades (added harmonies, pizzicato and artificial harmonics)
  • TF-112 Carol of the Bells (harmonics and cool harmonies)
  • TF-113 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (harmonies, counterpoint, harmonics, tambour)
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