About Us

Since its start in 1994, Tule Fog Music has sold arrangements to Educational Institutions and individuals throughout the US and Europe. The company was founded by Guy Cantwell. Guy started writing his own guitar ensemble arrangements after noticing a lack high quality material suitable for his students. He decided to publish the arrangements to make them available to other guitarists who wish to play music together.

The company name was inspired by Tule Fog (pronounced “too-lee”), a dense, low lying fog that is common in California’s San Joaquin Valley during the winter months.

A couple of commercial recording have been made of Tule Fog Arrangements. Below are links to the performer’s web pages:

TF-102 Hornpipe – John Bullard: Banjo - John's Site

TF-103 Mysterious Barricades – Cedar and Spruce Quartet - Website

There are also a few videos of my guitar class playing these arrangements on KSBW TV’s “Share Your Christmas”:

All arrangements and content within this site are property of Guy Cantwell and Tule Fog Music

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