Tule Fog Music
California Residents:

Due to the tax laws in California (it’s a long story), we are unable to sell retail to CA residents. We will send back any orders from purchasers in California. We would instead ask that you buy from our authorized retailer in California: Guitar Solo

Here are links to the arrangements in the Tule Fog Catalog at the Guitar Solo Website:

TF-101 Moussorgsky & Pachelbel $18.00

TF-102 Handel-Hornpipe $10.00

TF-103 Couperin-Mysterious Barricades $10.00

TF-104 J.S. Bach-Jesu, Sleepers Awake. Fugue in Cm $18.00

TF-105 Tchaikovsky- 3 Dances for the “Nutcracker” $20.00

TF-106 Solo X-mas Carols $10.00

TF-107 Mouret -Rondeau $10.00

TF-108 Vivaldi- Two Largos $10.00

TF-109 Purcell- El Abdelazer $9.00

TF-110 Corelli –Allegro, Vivace, $15.00

TF-111 Grieg-Anitra’s Dance $10.00

TF-112 Carol of the Bells $9.00

TF-113 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen $10.00

TF-114 Dowland- Frog Galliard $9.00

TF-115 Strogers-In Nomine Pavane $9.00

TF-116 Handel-Fugue (Messiah) $10.00

If these links don’t work use this link to go to the GSP site.

Type in the edition number with out the dash in the product code search box and you will get the right product Example: For TF-101, Type TF101 in the product code search box.

Note: I apologize for the inconvenience. If you are not familiar with GSP, they are a great company and I hope that you will check them out.-Guy